Steer your car with the cursor/arrow keys.

Avoid turned over vans for as long as you can.

Then get bored and crash for fun.

'Grazing' a van will increase your score multiplier, because wow, you nearly crashed!


About the game
Originally this game was made in a day for the third UL Gamejam, the theme was "Obstacles".

I've added to it various times thereafter.

UL Gamejams are organised by the Game Development Society of the University of Limerick, Ireland. They were awesome and allowed me to participate remotely from Galway!

Be sure to check out the other gamejam entries, there are some lovely things in there! (Maybe check back later when some more of them make it up!)

I have elected to add a humble donate button to this game. You don't have to donate to play, you can still play for free.

It's the first game/prototype I've released that has included it. I understand that the game is quite rough (1 day!). If you like the game anyway, or want to support me making games, now you can.

Development log