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You and your friends are the crew of an cargo transport airship. Delivery and retreival is dangerous in a world built on top of lighter-than-air mega-fungus islands. All that falls is lost to the crushing pressure of the depts. Help each other to survive your mission. Make decisions - play it safe, or gamble your crews well-being for potentially higher return. Do your best to communicate with your crew and plan the best course of action when the imminent danger stares you in the face. Try to make the best of a situation when you don't know what to do and you only have enough time to react. 

Your efforts, and the efforts of your crew, will be crucial to the prosperity and well-being of your kin. In a world of limited resources, the couriers are the true heroes and heroines.

Install instructions

Prototype version. It's missing some cards and definitions. I will notify you here when they are ready for an update to the pre-alpha version!


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