Jam, The Game was made during UL Gamejam 2, a one-day gamejam.
The theme was "Simplicity".


Dave Ryley (Programming, Art, Design)
Jonathan Ryley (Audio/Music, Design)
Brian Ryley (Programming, Art, Design)
Darren Kearney (Programming, Tools, Design)

Development log


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Nice! Fun to see some same-keyboard multiplayer getting some love.

Ha thanks!

The game came out surprisingly complete.  Got the minimal core loop in there I guess and on time enough for myself and Dave to make a silly developer let's play.   Dave can really chop down to the core and not get carried away with the nice to haves. I learned a lot from this jam working with him.

Just curious, does it work in your pocket chip at all or does it need an extra controller?

Ya, it will probably work on the Pocket Chip... though to play it both people will have to use that crazy little keyboard. And to play it on there it'd need to be on the PICO-8 BBS to search or I can put the cart on a flash drive to load onto it.