This pico-8 game was the result of a pico-8 workshop demonstrating different aspects of pico-8.

The game is quite clearly inspired by Pacman, and made in less time than Pacman.

This is the file from the workshop that I made on-the-fly during a workshop I gave, with a few additional bits I added when staying over in Limerick.

As a game it's nothing special, just simple movement and enemies that follow you.

The aim was to show different tools that come with pico-8, a rapid prototyping process and enough material to wet their beaks!

Big thanks to the Pico-8 community for sharing such awesome resources.

I was asked by the Game Development Society of the University of Limerick to deliver a talk or workshop on Pico-8 in advance of their third ever gamejam.

My workshop was largely a success.

There were about 20 students who turned up on the night. A lot more than I had expected!

The students followed along live-coding, asking questions, laughing to themselves about their creations.

The workshop was less than 2 hours long. After the workshop I spent a few hours working on the game, instead of sleeping, and uploaded it here. Hopefully it will show the students just how quickly they can make things and share them.

Hopefully some of them will consider using Pico-8 at the next UL Gamejam! Time will tell.

Overall the workshop was a lot of fun and I'd love to do it again (and better!).

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